Home Again

What – Carterico West workout #F3Rollingstone

When – 7-20-17

Where – Croatan High School

QIC- LETC (CapeFear)

# of total pax 21- Aflac, Blart, Bayliner, Ron Burgandy, The Crabby Englishman, Gertrude, Griswold, Holiday Mansion, Jang-a-lang, Lunchbox, Madoff, Maytag, McMuffin, Monkey wrench, Pasquale, Pied Piper (ENC), Pleobe, Purple Rain, Ramses, Snooki

There were lots of cheerful greetings and mumblechatter as the 21 pax thought we were gathering behind the high school in the gloom on a beautiful morn.  Why wouldn’t it be.  We are in Carterico, God’s Country, the Crystal Coast, my hometown.  Even heard a little kumbaya.  When the pax were informed we were gathering for a smokefest not for smokes, the revolts and grumbling quickly kicked in.

After an intro of yhc as guest Q and the disclaimer, we decided to get it on.

Warm-a-Rama in the short grass – 40 seal claps IC x 40 and 20 hillbillies IC x 20

Then yhc tried to arrange pax in descending order, WarDaddy to Warbaby.  Although the wardaddy (Ron Burgandy)was disguised in beautiful hair and a stud physique, he quickly identified himself by continually asking why we were there.  After a few corrections the pax finally made the age train happen.  Then we partnered up, warbaby- wardaddy, 2nd oldest- 2nd youngest, etc.

Time for the thang-

Mosey through the garden to the one and only hill in Western Carterico.   Starting at the top of the hill for some old-times Dora.  100 merkins- 200 LBCs, and 300 squats- cumulative.  One partner runs to bottom of hill then flapjack, until routine complete.  Plank to wait on 6.

Mosey to tennis courts for some suicides, staying with partner.  Partner A runs 3 link suicides while Partner B does plank.  Flap-jack.  Round 2- merkins.  Round 3- 15 burpees.

Mosey to planters and benches near school backdoor.  20 step ups and 10 derkins, OYO.  Rinse and repeat.  Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to flag for some Mary- 3 pax stepped up to help with Mary

Snooki led us in boxcutters.  McMuffin led us in flutterkicks, and Pleobe led us in cotton gin(we did pickers as he drank gin)

Then Alabama Buttkickers IC x 20 and Morrocan nightclubs IC x 40


We hit Mission Statement and 5 core principles, sort of.  Lots of good announcements about upcoming workouts.  Follow tha twitta and watch for PBs.  Post at Sasquatch, July 29, Greenville.  Prayers and gratitude for F3Nation, F3Carterico, and the gift that it is.  May we all continue to give it away.  It is awesome to lead a workout attended by your blood brother, your college roommate, and other pax yhc has known for 40+ years.  What a gift and an honor.  For those that don’t know, here you go:

F3 Mission Statement:  To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

F3 Core Principles – All workouts …1.  Are free of charge  2.  Are open to all men. 3.  Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.   4.  Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.
5.  End with a Circle of Trust.


Start off with Burgandy(Respect)-  Thanks for the sh*&%.  Let me know your next Q.  Tclaps on the best PB out there.  If y’all haven’t seen it, check it out and step up your game- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T15enr5ndpE

McMuffin, Pleobe, and Snooki way to step up and lead a Mary.  Y’all are ready for a Q.

Griswold, didn’t get a chance to recruit you for BRR, but it is right up your alley.  If your not on a team, make plans for it for next year.

Lunchbox is there getting work done.  Y’all need to watch out for this guy.  Way to push brother.

Had an unknown, instant connection to Holiday Mansion.  At DD it was all revealed as he was sporting his Tar Heel colors.

Gertrude let me tag a long with him on the Dora and wouldn’t let me do my typical 1-2 skip a few cadence. #accountable

Madoff set up his sandbag and mumblechatter workout today by telling about some July 4 sandsprint knee injury?  Ink him in for that BRR Gertrude.  He’s in.

Purple Rain thinks Madoff and Ramses have a thing.  Are you cheating on me Madoff?

Pasquale- Dude you have evolved into a beast.  Tclaps – Sorry I snaked your Q.  Good thing weinkes dont’ expire.

Thanks for the guest Q and the bed Purple Rain.  Mom says she worries that you’re joining a cult.  I told it was – but the good kind.

Pied Piper- Sorry I didn’t pick up your were an ENC pax until the end.  Love meeting traveling #freakinpiratespax.  See you soon at Squatch.

Crabby- The name just cracks me up and makes my day.  Tell your brother to get out of the fartsack.

Jang-a-lang, you have done an amazing job fanning the flames of this F3Carterico fire.  Tclaps brother and keep pursuing that ManifestDestiny.

Aflac, Blart, Bayliner, Maytag, Monkeywrench, yhc hopes you had a sufficient beatdown. Sorry I didn’t get around to chat with you a little more.  Guess return trips to Carterico are in order.

Carterico, thanks so much for the warm welcome home.  It is awesome to see F3 continue to grow and impact so many lives.  Keep #givingitaway.  The Q was an honor and a privilege.  Thank you.

LETC- out

PS- Finally, seeing as how The Hoff has a cult following in Carterico, here is a little treat for you. It is available in Poster size, with # autograph for authenticity.IMG_0860




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