The center of your universe

July 19, 2017

The center of your universe

QIC: Niles 

Pax: seahorse , blue steel, last, fire Marshall Bill, Johnnie Cochran, double check, parrot Head, busted grill , Mayhem, sweater vest, mr. Kotter, Bath salts, gravity, Tom Sawyer, Dixie Chick 

The thang 

Mosey to the first picnic table stand.

Incline merkins, decline Americans and sun series yoga 

Mosey to a corral fence post. More Americans and dip’s and more yoga. 

Mosey to the pull-up bar’s. Pull-ups , dips and more yoga

Mosey to the baseball field. Take your shoes off and get your feet wet. Enjoy the feeling of the damn grass.

Sprint to right field for Burpees centerfield for more Americans and left field for hillbillies. At each position more yoga . 

Balls to the wall at Homeplate. 

Round the field one more time for more calisthenics and Yoga

Jailbreak to the flag for Freddie Mac race and alphabet. 
I started to correct some of the spelling corrections but left some of the men because Siri spelling is off and hilarious. 


Prayers for friends and family members who are very ill. 

Reminder that Sasquatch is coming up a week from this Saturday and brought them pics is still happening in October. F2 tonight at two different venues north and south. 


Parrot Head – thanks for the regular corrections to my elocution. You’re grumbling is music to my ears as it makes me a better q. 

Last: no methane today? Really? Thanks for the use of your Niles meme today. 

Doublecheck : you fast brother. Thanks for getting up early. 

The pax was willing and eager to participate in my hybridization of Yoga and calisthenics. Thanks for the opportunity to lead , boys. Hope you got your moneys worth! 



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