How Does That Go Again?


Q Daddy: Flounder

PA X: Bob The Builder, LETC, Skins, Ball Bearing, Coffee Bean, 8 Penny, Etch-A-Sketch, Venus, Cracker, Trickle Down, EOM, Dino

It has been a while since my last Q so I decided to go back to an old workout from high school rassling days.  Our coach was brutal.  He was also our Principal.  He was a mid-50ish guy that could bench press a car.  If you threw up during practice (which happened often) and looked closely, you could see a sly, half grin on his face.  But, he got you in shape and ultimately had multiple students who wrestled in college.  He stuck to the basics, nothing fancy….push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, rope climbs and lots of sprints.  So, why not channel those days sans rope climbs for my F3 Brothers!

Warm-up: Besides the fact that my aging brain can’t remember the sequence for exercises we knocked out Side Straddle Hops, 25; Mountain Climbers, 25; Cotton Pickers 25.

The Thang:

Indian Run to the far end of the soccer field.

Time for some good old fashion Suicides.  5 sets.  Run 10 yards, back; run 20 yards, back; run 30 yards, back.  After set 1 – 5 Burpees; Set 2 – 10 Merkins; Set 3 – 13 LBC’s; Set 4 – 20 Squats; Set 5

Indian Run to the Pull-up bars.  Time for the Pyramid.

Up the Pyramid with 6 sets:  Pull-ups = 1, Merkins = 2, Sit-ups = 3.  For example:
Set 1: 1 pull-up, 2 Merkins, 3 sit-ups to Set 6: 6 pull-ups, 12 Merkins,  18 sit-ups

Run a lap around the lake

Down the Pyramid going in reverse order:  Set 6: 6 pull-ups, 12 Merkins,  18 sit-ups to Set 1: 1 pull-up, 2 Merkins, 3 sit-ups

Sounds easy, right?

Mozy to the picnic tables where BTB led us with Sundial Merkins.  5 each at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00;  Grab a partner and 25 sit-ups each.  Repeat Sundial Merkins with 15 Merkins, then 10 Merkins.

Mozy back to the parking lot.  End with reverse LBC’s (thank you Coffee Bean) and 10 Merkins.

COT:  Prayer request and follow up on Trickle Down’s niece recovering from a horrible allergic reaction; prayer request for Coffee Bean’s friend who is suffering from cancer and has chosen to forgo medication.

Shout Out to GOBO for his leadership with FIA and the growth that is seeing.  Sasquatch next weekend.  Sign up for this awesome convergence.  LETC gave a well deserved affirmation to Ball Bearing and his progression in becoming cut like a chiseled Roman athlete!

Dino…take it easy on the neck, Buddy.  We need you back in the Gloom!

Thanks for allowing me to lead.

Flounder out.




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