Lightning Fast

QIC: Johnny Gage

Date: 7-18-17

Pax: EPO, Hoff, 8-Penny, Sir-Mix-A-Lot

5 Bold and Powerful Screaming Eagles out ran the Turbo Tuesday Tater Tots this morning at The Bridge . With lightning off in the distance, we knew jogging was not an option, so lets RUN!

Warm Up:


The Thang:

Run for 20 minutes, turn around and run for another 20 minutes


*The Hoff and Sir Mix started at 0430 with an EC run of 6 miles.

*EPO decided to roll-out of bed and run to the AO for a distance of 2.5 miles. Who needs a car when you can run!

*8-Penny is strong as nails and faster than a snail.

We found ourselves running a little faster across the bridge once the lightning  made its way over to Snow Cuts. 4.2 miles in all.

Prayers for EPO’s Family (health and healing). Prayers for Gage’s daughter who is on a mission trip to Haiti.

Strong work by everyone!

Gage out!






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