QIC: 8penny

PAX: BustedGrill, Hooch, Scrooge, Tombstone


No warm-up, just chit-chat like Stingray, except for that we’re Screaming Eagles.  So, bust-out x30 IC Seal Claps, 10 burpees OYO and a quick jog through the parking lot to the street north of the fields.

5 Merkin Indian Run the long way around the field to the pull-up bars at the track.

DORA with sprints from the bars to the tennis courts completing 100 Pull-ups, 200 Merkins & 300 Squats.

Mosey to the pavilion for x40 IC Flutter-Kicks and x30 IC LBCs

Mosey back to flag.


  • Bustedgrill lived up to his legend on the pull-up bar…ain’t no half-steppin
  • Big-up to Tombstone for taking the long way running to the tennis courts for some extra credit…or was he just trying to keep his designer shoes out of the sand?
  • Hooch was so jacked his shirt tore off in a Hulk-like fashion after his first set of pull-ups
  • Scrooge was hittin it so hard he surprised himself…even thought Sasquatch was a reference to him
  • Great work men…could have taken on an army of 17 beasts!

COT:  prayers for Hooch’s father going in for knee replacement surgery this Wed and Bustedgrill’s son who is recovering from a knee injury.

Much respect – 8penny out!






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