Which Way?

17 Beasts met at Ogden Park for their daily downpainment.

QIC: Dino

PAX: Sketch (Page), Tiny Dancer, Ball Bearing, Tannenbaum, Blue Steel, Quarter Round, Ugly Stick, Trickle Down, Tank, BTB, Mouse, FNG Taco Stand (Mike Woodard), The Ratt, EOM, Flounder, AATB


Warm ups are for sissies and Screaming Eagle. So, we just took off running down Ogden Park Lane. Stopping only to do burpees twice.

On the way back we: Sprint to the next light post, 5 burpees, sprint to next light post, 5 burpees plus 5 merkins, sprint to next light post, 5 burpees, 5 merkins, 5 squats, sprint to next light post, 5 burpees, 5 merkins, 5 squats, 5 seal claps. Repeat for the next 4 light posts, but increase reps to 10 each.

Then we did some various sprinting with a plankorama mixed in there. Then we did some more sprinting with more burpees mixed in there. Then we sprinted more and did 30 dollies, 30 mountain climbers, and some other stuff in between sprints.

Then we finished up with more burpees and 2 minutes of flutter kicks.



-I was expecting to be working out alone this morning after lying awake all night listening to thunder and watching lightning make night seem like daytime. Proud of the 16 other Pax who made it over to one of the best AOs (aside from Baywatch, of course).

-We did sweat. We sweat a lot.

-Taco Stand kept fighting out there. Great job. Looking forward to getting to know you.

-No Venus must mean the tourney didn’t go so well this morning.

-The millennials were, of course, crushing the workout.

-Blue Steel not only models for the top agencies, he also sprints like a gazelle.

-Good push out there Flounder.

-The Ratt forgot to change out of his M’s sleep shirt. After enough criticism, we got to see the #birdchest

-Ball Bearing is picking up that speed and fitness nicely. The power of F3

-Tiny Dancer wanted to get in a good workout to start his week, so he drove past Screaming Eagle and Heavy Metal Monday to find us. I felt bad because he cried a little, but I reassured him that it will get easier for him if he keeps coming back.

-Page, nice job

-There’s no quit in EOM.

-AATB is silent but deadly out there. No, not the farts, the speed.

‘Til next time,




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