No shoes, no shirt, no problem.

QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: EPO, My Precious, Niles, Last, The Hoff, Seahorse, Blade, Overdraft, Lifo, Duty, Firemarshal Bill, 8 Penny, Tiny Dancer, Blue Steel, Zuckerberg, Lowrider, BTB, Renoldo, Honda, Cracker, White Shoe, The Adjuster, Tank, Double Check, Parrothead, Hoveround, Minecraft, Gobo, Dino, Flounder, K-Mart (FNG Matt Steiner), Charmin (FNG Kevin Scott), Missing a couple who had to leave early.

Warm-up-none, just directions: Line up youngest to oldest, split up into teams of 4, 2 teams of 5.Run as a team to Johnny Mercers’s Pier completing team assigned burpees on the way. Shed shirt and shoes. Run to water and swim as a team around the buoy. While 1/2 the team starts the exercises, the other 1/2 swims around the buoy. Alternate swimming and exercising until all exercises done. Exercises were S- squats, W- WW1 sit ups, I- 4 count imperial walkers, M- merkins. After completing exercises, swim around buoy as a team- start Mary until the 6 arrives. All exercises were team totals and depended on the average age of the team. Barely enough time to wash off and head back to flags. A few glitches along the way, but I think everybody got a good workout, especially with the fighting thru the surf. Main goal of lots of time in the water was achieved.

COT: With a large FIA contingent and a 2.0 group led by EOM and Heisenberg nearby it was truly a celebration and a privilege to do counterama and namerama and pray for FIA, the PAX, our 1st responders, and our military. Awesome to see the growth and impact F3 is having. Thanks for the privilege.  BG



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