Humid Hill!

Date: 7/13/17
Location: Battleship
QIC: Venus
#of Pax 10
Pax: trump, jellybean, Heisenberg, hooverround, last, tenenbaum, patch adams, parrothead, avalanche (f3-churham).
Warm up:
30 Mountain Climbers IC
20 Seal Claps
10 Mountain Climber Merkins
Mosey to broke back hill
Pair up
Dora 1-2-3
100 burpees
Run both ways facing forward
200 Mike tysons
Run backwards up, forward Down
300 smurf jacks
Run both ways facing forwArd
Mosey back to the CoT!
Prayers for allowing to enjoy F3!
Prayers for those who protect us!
Everyone did great today! It was hot and humid as heck today.
Thanks avalanche for visiting us down here!
Proud to call you all brothers!
Hope that shirt survives Hoover round!
Until next time….
Venus OUT!


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