Merkins Way

Date – 7/12/2017

AO – Hugh MacRae Park

QIC – Tiny Dancer

PAX – Last, Niles, Quarterround, Dixie Chick, Broadway(FNG)

6 PAX came out to the humid gloom that is HMP to push through a ring of Merkins followed by some pull-ups and more Merkins.


Seal Clap IC X 30
Imperial Walker IC X 30
Squats IC X 30


We will make our way around Freedom Way(today it is Merkin Way) stopping along the way at the speed bump to perform a set of Merkin variations. We will start at the parking lot speed bump and sprint, mosey, lunge walk, karaoke between speed bumps.
The Merkin sets are:
Standard Merkin X 15
Wide arm Merkin X 15
Plyo Merkin X 15
Mountain Climber Merkin X 15
Blast Off Merkin X 15
Spider Merkin X 15
Dead stop Merkin X 15
Diamond Merkin X15

Back to the pull-up bars
5 pull-ups
5 side pull-ups
5 toes to bar

Run across bridge to wall for
10 wall jumps
10 Derkins
Run back to pull-up bars
Rinse and repeat
Then do a 3rd set of the pull-ups, side pull-ups and toes to bar
Mosey back to the flag for…


Freddie Mercury IC X 30
American Hammer IC X 20
Flutter Kick IC X 30


Welcome FNG Broadway(2.0 of Quarterround)

Our group was small but mighty today
We all pushed each other and got stronger
Great work today men!
Thank you for letting me lead

Tiny Dancer


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