You Betta’ Call on SOME-ONE!

Date: 7/10/2017

AO: Screaming Eagle


Pax: Tombstone, Donut, Tiny Dancer, 8Penny, Trolley Stop, EPO


With lightening in the air, mosey to the closest picnic shelter for upper body exercises. Pick a buddy and grab a corner: corner 1 – standard merkins; corner 2 – incline merkins; corner 3 – decline merkins; corner 4 – dips. Pick a corner and start with one repetition; move to next corner and do two repetitions; move to next corner and do three repetitions; move to final corner and perform four repetitions. Rinse and repeat up to 25 repetitions. Recovery is overhead presses, low plank and balls to the wall. Return to corners and reverse direction and count – corner one 25 reps; corner two 24 reps; corner three 23 reps; corner four 22 reps. All the way to the last and single rep. Ouch!


Prayers for military, fire, EMS

Prayers for Pax


Celebrity guest appearance by Tiny Dancer – woot, woot!

Tombstone – don’t worry about those reps you didn’t do; I did them for you – gratis

EPO – I’ve never quite seen those kind of dips before; are those “wide-legged” dips?

8Penny – It was nice getting to know you during balls to the wall

Trolley Stop has a new home – congrats dude!

Donut – Nice wheels; now if you could only get the same for your running

Thanks for letting me lead and thanks even more for following!



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