Running Down a Dream!


AO: UNCW Run Forest Run

QIC: Heisenberg

Pax: Morpheus, Hoverround, Blade, FNG Tenenbaum (Stephen Parish), Milton, Stryker, Minecraft


Warm-Up: SSH, IW, Windmills

Indian Run to UNCW track, Sing “Running down a dream” by Tom Petty.

Interval training on the track – Sprint the straigtaways, recover in the turns x 4 laps, run bleachers until the 6 arrives, planks, run half the track at race pace + 10% then recover the other half x 4 laps.

Indian run back to parking lot


Prayers for pax and our leadership.


Thanks for leading the song Hoverround and I think we have a new BRR teammate!

Stryker was flying on the track but are you sure you counted to 4 laps?

Milton huffing and puffing and getting it done

Blade getting stronger every week

Minecraft never complains, just gets it done.

Welcome Tenenbaum to the gloom.  You approached YHC on Saturday after our workout and asked what we were doing and showed up today and ran well.  Great job headlocking yourself.

Morpheus left the shirt in the car and proceeded to lead the pax.  Strong work!

Thanks for running today fellows!  We might not be as fast as Turbo Tuesday but we are more harmonic!

Heisenberg out!


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