Assulting the Bridge

FullSizeRenderWhere  The Bridge, Snow Cut Park

When   7/11/2017


Pax  LETC, Hoff, Sloppyjoe, 8-penny, Donut, Flamer, Blue Crab


8 pax posted to the bridge workout on Tuesday. It was a hot and humid morning. Great weather for hill repeats. There was a lot of mumble chatter. It was great to see LETC and Donut post at this workout.


The Thang;

Simple workout today; Bridge repeats!! Hills are your friend!!

Mosey to the foot of the bridge and then run up and over to the other side. Turn around when you see the guardrail end. Run back to the other side. Rinse and repeat until time runs out.

We covered 4 miles before time ran out.


Prayers for the sick and injuried.

Sasquatch is July 29. Clown car there the night before is the best option.

Hone your leadership by taking the Q. Sign up now.


Welcome back to LETC who has returned from his 2 week BS hiking trip. His passport has been stamped by The Screaming Eagle 🦅 crew.  Great push today.

Donut strong work posting to the run workout. You know sadclown runs in the hood suck compared to the gloom with your brothers!!!

The Hoff was super motivating as usual!!

SloppyJoe and the Hoff did 5 miles extra credit before the workout. The 4 man BRR team is looking strong. #wherewassirmixalot?

Blue Crab and Flamer were pushing hard.

8-Penny was hanging tough with Hoff and SloppyJoe.

It was awesome to see the moon on one side of the bridge and the sun rising on the other.

It was an honor to lead the workout.


EPO out



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