Hot, Humid, Sandy, and Wet

DATE: 7/11/17


# of PAX: 8

PAX: Zuckerburg, The Ratt, Trump, Flounder, Tank, Back-Up (metro), Avalanche (Durham/Chapel Hill)


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 25 IC


  • mosey over the bridge to Stone St and line up for single file Indian Run to Johnnie Mercer’s pier
  • lunge walk while we wait for the SIX
  • in the soft sand for intervals:
    • sprint 1 access, jog 1 access
    • sprint 2 accesses, jog 1 access
    • sprint 3 accesses, jog 1 access
    • spring 4 accesses, jog 1 access
    • hold Al Gore after each sprint until the SIX arrives
  • now that we are back to Stone St, partner up with someone of similar speed
  • run to Blockade Runner through soft sand, and back to Stone St on hard packed
  • wait for SIX
  • run to Blockade Runner on hard packed, run back to Stone St on soft sand
  • Indian Run back over the bridge, past the church to “Live Oak Loop”
  • bear crawl to first speed bump, run the rest of the loop to last speed bump, lunge walk back to start
  • Circle Up for Stretching Ring of Fire:
    • high plank calf stretch x 30 each leg (Avalanche)
    • quad stretch x 15 each leg (Back-Up)
    • oblique crunch x 15 IC each side (Tank)
    • cross-legged hamstring stretch x 10 each leg (Trump)
    • crossed-legged sitting stretch (The Ratt)
    • straight leg hamstring stretch (Flounder)


  • STRONG WORK this morning! It was ridiculously hot, humid, and still!
  • My watch had us at 4 miles on the dot of interval training in the sand, so well done!
  • Back-Up and Avalanche: glad to have yall back again this morning!
  • Tank: impressive to keep the same steady pace all morning long
  • Trump: your shirt was 3 shades darker by the time we finished! That means you challenged yourself! I love it!
  • The Ratt: it’s really weird that you don’t sweat very much. Maybe you should go outside more during the day!
  • Flounder: sorry we didn’t take a dip in the ocean! It still felt like we did
  • Zuckerburg: I hope you made it home before it was too late! Gotta love the running shits.
  • Back Up, The Ratt, and I enjoyed some good fellowship at The Workshop after the workout for Coffeeteria!

That’s all I’ve got! Thanks for joining me on this seasonably humid July morning!

BTB- out!



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