#GiveItAway – Heavy Metal Gloom w/ Gravity

AO: Heavy Metal Monday – Hugh MacRae Park – 07/10/2017

Q: Gravity

Weather: hot, hazy, humid, chance of afternoon thunderstorm from now til Halloween.

# of PAX: 10

Background Music: Greatest Hits by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

PAX: Dixie Chick, Milton, Morpheus, Seahorse, Hahvahd, Gravity, Kung Fu Panda, Kramer, Bath Sales and FNG Jonathan Skipper (named Gilligan, but as Q I now pronounce him The Professor)

Warmup: mosey to the other end of the parking lot:

10 merkins IC – hold at the plank.

Low Plank for a 10 count, High Plank for a 10 count – rinse and repeat twice.

Hold at the Top – 5 merkins IC

Sprint back to the Kettle Bell Circle

The Thang:

10 PAX identified 12 activities with various KBs. Because there were 10 PAX, each station was 10 reps, move to the next station. Rinse and repeat.

Round 3: add 10 merkins between each station.

To finish, we ran 8 reps of 60 yard shuttle sprints (2 cones, 15 yards apart – sprint there, back, there back = 1 rep).

Concluded at 6:14 am.


Prayers that our brothers in F3 will use their resources and connections to help Hahvahd find a good job.

Prayers for our military and first responders.

Thanks for good health among the PAX.

Thanks for allowing us each to get stronger individually and as a group.


FNG – sorry, we had to change your name – you did good on a tough workout, keep it up.

Kung Fu Panda – strong work.

Milton – thanks for the help on Q – I’m looking forward to your leadership in early August – go ahead and sign up.

Dixie Chick and Bath Salts – silent but strong work out of you two – time for you to Q.

Morpheus – thanks for being so consistent.

Kramer – keep it up man – good to see you crushing it. We should lobby F3 to allow us to form a Dad Bod AO.

Seahorse – its great to have you back in the gloom.

Hahvahd – great work and great positive attitude. Start asking fellow PAX to lunch and let’s see if we can’t get you a job.

Gentlemen: it was an honor.

Niles: I played your song request – sorry we missed you :- (

Respectfully submitted: Gravity



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