Hump Day Humidity

Date: 7/5/2017

#of PAX: 9

QIC: Tiny Dancer

PAX: Morpheus, Niles, Heisenberg, Fire Marshall Bill, Seahorse, Kramer, Gravity, Geronimo(Fort Mill)

9 PAX shook off the 4th of July cobwebs and made it out to the humid gloom for a midweek beat down


Seal Clap IC X 30
Plank Jacks IC X30
Merkins IC X 15
Imperial Walker IC X30

Mosey to the tennis courts
11’s -burpees at one end and V-Ups at the other
Plank and flutter kicks until the 6 is finished

Mosey back to the field for a relay race
Split into 2 teams

Start at the fence. One Pax from each team will run to the tree and then broad jump burpee(watch out for the fire ants) to the parking lot.
Crab walk across the parking lot to the wall
10 wall jumps and 20 Derkins
Bear crawl back across the parking lot.
Run backwards back to the fence.
Next person on each team goes.
While the rest of the team is waiting they are doing cumulative exercises
200 squats
200 mountain climbers
200 merkins
200 bobby hurleys
200 LBC’s

Mosey back to the flag


American Hammer IC X 20
Freddy Mercury IC x 30


Prayers for Pem Jenkins as he recovers from a spinal injury
Great job by all the Pax fighting off the fartsack to get out after a long holiday weekend
Kramer great to see you back- 3 times in a week- keep it up
Gravity – you are getting stronger and faster every week
Welcome Geronimo from Fort Mill

Thank you all for allowing me the honor to lead

Tiny Dancer – out



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