Zuckerburg has a Kid

Date: 7/8/17

QIC/PAX: BTB, Zuckerburg, Cracker, Trump, Venus, Dino, Jelly Bean

# of PAX: 7


  • Mosey all together over to Channel Walk
  • swim to the Diminishing Republic for a mixture of exercises and swimming
    • between each exercise or 2, we swim to the edge of the docks and back
  • Exercises:
    • copperhead squats (Venus)
    • decline palm tree merkins (Zuckerburg)
    • LBC’s, which turned into crunchy frogs (Cracker)
    • American Hammer (Jelly Bean)
    • Makhtar N-Diaye sp? (Trump)
    • sprints (BTB)
    • burpees (Dino)
    • Sausage Links Merkins (Zuckerburg)
      • not an actual F3 merkin variation, but it will be coming back!
    • Japanese Sit Ups (Zuckerburg)
      • this was nixed immediately following the demonstration
  • we then swam back to Channel Walk
  • run over the draw bridge to Summer’s Rest Rd
  • down Summer’s Rest Trail to Eastwood
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Squats
  • run back over the bridge to WB
    • merkins
  • run back to the AO


  • pretty good fellowship and very strong/high motivation levels this morning! My watch didn’t cover the swim portion, but running wise we covered 4.75 miles!
  • It was the perfect recipe for an F3 Biatholon event! Maybe a CSAUP in the future?
  • Most of us had early work commitments or in Zuckerburg’s case, a kid, that we needed to attend to this morning so we were forced to get an early start: 0600-0730 was our total workout time.
  • If you haven’t been to The Workshop, its a cool little coffee shop on the island next to Kohl’s and Trolley Stop, not as big of a food selection as Donut Inn, but still very good and hot coffee!
  • Cracker and Jelly Bean – very proud of yall for sticking it out and completing the whole workout! We were making it up as we went but it turned out to be awesome!
  • Dino – glad to have you back from the land of the frozen tundra
  • Trump and Venus – the usual! Thanks for the fellowship and keeping us on our toes!
  • Zuckerburg – glad your new kid didn’t hold you back from attending this morning! Sorry you woke up extra early from your first night of really good sleep!

That’s it for me! Hope yall enjoyed this morning and hope the traditional Baywatch workout was a success!

BTB- out!



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