Monster With 2 Heads

QIC: ✔️✔️
PAX: last tiny dancer minecraft morpheus Milton heisenburg donut the adjuster hoff GoBo Stryker eveready (fng) mcfly (fng) cousin Eddie (fng) avalanche downhill duty trolley stop 8Penny fire Marshall bill sea horse blue steel fonda Taft (metro) pantyhose (raleigh) 

Imitation sincerest form of flattery. My favorites Hoff & Epo. I had my camel back full of water. Snacks & bandaids in case anyone needed them during our workout. Also had my towel for a tourniquet (Hoff)

This is not Burger King. There are no choices – you will do as instructed (Epo)

Warm Up: 

SSH IC x33

Carolina Dry Dock IC x33

Windmill IC x33

5 Burpees

Cotton Pickers IC x33

Merkins x33 OYO

Moroccan Night Clubs IC x33

5 Burpees 

Monkey Humpers IC x33

Wide Arm Merkins 33 OYO

Imperial Walkers IC x33

5 Burpees 


Mosey to Pier crazy Slow Indian Run w/t Flags

Lock Arms Flutter Kicks in Surf IC x33

Low Plank IC x33

High Plank IC x33

Mosey on beach to Stone St 

Lock Arms Flutter Kicks in Surf IC x33

Mosey to Stone St in formation 

High Blank IC x33

Lock Arms Flutter Kicks in Surf IC x33

Form up two lines mosey back to AO. Indian run. 


American Hammer IC x33

Hello Dolly IC x33

Mole Skin: 

Thank you 8Penny & FMB for being our road guards & leading F3 2.0

Last for making me do extra Burpees 

Hoff for some TLC

Tiny Dancer for letting me Q 

Morpheus/TD for bringing an FNG each. 3 total. 

Cheers to Hoff for being the only one to answer any of the trivia questions correct. 

Strong work 3 FNGs & 2 visiting PAX!!!


Prayers for us all to be a light in this community. Hold each other accountable. Moment of silence to reflect on just how blessed we are!!!



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