We did more burpies than you…

Date: 6 July 2017

AO: Screaming Eagle

Q: Donut

Pax: 8-Penny, Hooch


It was a hot, humid, awesome morning to be alive and three pax beat the fart sack and decided to sweat it out together in the Screaming Eagle gloom.  Burpies would be the inadvertent focus of the day.

YHC got us started just a tad late as there needed to be some parking adjustment before the warm-up:

WARM-UP: Open the doors and let the Beastie Boys loose.  SSH to Brass Monkey.  At every “monkey”, drop and do a burpie to celebrate.  That is 29 burpies (maybe we missed one).

THE THANG:  Mosey over to the little league field for some 4-corners, diamond-style.

Round 1: Starting at home plate, sprint to rt field wall.  Complete 20 squats. Karoyke to centerfield and complete 20 lunges.  Karyoke to left field and complete 20 monkey humpers (“Wherever we go we bring the Monkey with us”).  Sprint back to home and do 5 burpies.

Round 2: Sprint to right field and do 20 diamond merkins (“Mike D rocks the can”).  Karyoke to center for 20 wide arm merkins.  Karyoke to left for 20 off-set merkins.  Back to home for 5 burpies.

Round 3: Sprint to right field and do 10 burpies.  Karyoke to center for 10 burpies.  Karyoke to left for 10 burpies.  Sprint home for 5 more burpies.

That was quick, so let’s rinse and repeat.

Now limp back to the flag for some Mary

Mary: LBC x20; Flutter kicks x20; American hammer x20; Box cutter x20; WWII sit-ups x20

COT: Prayers for those needs said and unsaid.  Payers for Tombstone’s sister-in-law.  Prayers/protection for teachers, health care providers, all those that seek the truth, and those that protect us day in and day out.

Moleskin:  Thanks 8-penny for reminding me that 4-corners does indeed need 4 exercises to work.  I’m not  sure who thought 5 burpies at home plate would be fun, but that put us over the century mark.

Total burpies today:  119 per pax.  Well Done!!!



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