Hot, Hot, Hot!

Date: 7/5/2017
AO: Screaming Eagle (where the tough guys go)
Pax: Sir Mix, Avalanche (F3 Durham), Trolley Stop, Sloppy Joe (EC 6 mi Run)

BIG thanks and great job to Sir Mix and Sloppy Joe for the early, early morning training run for BRR. We swam through 6 miles of high humidity in the Kirkwood/Arrondale neighborhood under the guidance of Sir Mix. It was dark and sweaty, for sure, but we made it through, collectively emboldening and reassuring us that this 4manbrr has what it takes.


A modest but strong group stretched, then proceeded with a sustained rotation (4-count x25-50 reps, including occasional Mosey to nearby picnic shelter) of: squats, merkins, derkins, incline merkins, flutter kicks, Carolina dry docks, Imperial walkers, American hammer and dips. Mosey around parking lot perimeter, back to AO for final Mary and COT.



Thank you Avalanche for visiting; now go get the other four F3 guys still in the rack back at the beach house
For Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, military
For perspective and patience


Man, was it hot – at one point Sir Mix witnessed YHC lose complete track of the count and the exercise. YHC confirmed the observation and doesn’t recall a period of about 30 secs during workout. Attributed to heat.

Sir Mix – did you say something about a 5 min. mile or was I just suffering from heat exhaustion?

Sloppy Joe – no, not beans, my friend, but blueberries #flatulence

Avalanche – rumored to have connections in the Intel community; what’s that drone doing above us?

Trolley Stop – crazy pull-up regimens must be your thing, huh?

Thanks for letting me lead and thanks even more for following




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