Suited Up ’50s Style

Date: 6/28
AO: Screaming Eagle (why go anywhere else?)
Pax: 8Penny, Hooch, Trolley Stop, Downhill, Wannabe

In a time and era where it seems “dressing down” is the new “dressing up,” I figured I’d pull out the old three-piece suit and post in style. Complete with ascot, I evoked a ’50s feel, and so it was I was able to incorporate that into my Q, as in 50, 4-count this and 50, 4-count that. Gotta’ admit, it got a little tight around the collar, especially wearing those wool trousers, but YHC persisted on!


Warm up with 6 loops around extended parking lot, including 30-second pick-ups. Back to AO for some gentle yoga. OK, it’s gonna be a Mary-dedicated workout, interspersed with sprints between speed bumps. Mary included:

50 4-count LBCs
50 4-count Freddie Mercuries
50 4-count Mountain Climbers
50 Flutter Kicks
50 Box Cutters
Two-minute Protractor

Complete one more loop with Indian Run back to AO.


For Carolyn, Tim and the success of Trolley Stop’s house closing
For Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, military
For perspective and patience


Good work, fellas! It was a hot one! Way to hang in there on the run!



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