Heavy Metal Monday

  • 3 July 2017
  • AO – Heavy Metal Monday – Hugh McRae Park
  • Pax – Blue Steel, Sulphur Toes, Overbite, Crab Cake, Fire Marshal Bill, Avalanche (Durham), Tater Tot (Durham) and Gravity
  • QIC – Minecraft


9 Pax posted on a humid Monday morning to swing some iron.  No rain during the workout.  Welcome to Tater Tot and Avalanche visiting from Durham.

COP – side straddle hop x 25 IC, imperial walker x 20 IC and cotton pickers x 15 IC.

Thang – five kettle bell exercises: kettle bell swing, tricep extension, squat and press, curls and upright rows.  Each exercise is done with 20 reps (curls – 10 each arm).

  1. complete set of five KB exercises then mosey around parking lot island
  2. complete 2nd set of five KB exercises then mosey around loop road towards Pine Grove Drive.
  3. complete 3rd set of five KB exercises then mosey to and around paved road around pond towards College Road.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Mary – flutter kicks x 20 IC and LBC x 20 IC.

Moleskin –

  • Fire Marshal Bill expressed how life can have extreme highs and lows all in one day.  This past Saturday a good friend of his died in the morning.  His sister gave birth to baby in the afternoon.  That evening he responded to a call that involved fatalities.
  • Tuesday, 4 July workout will be at Wrightsville Beach Park at 7:00 AM.

Prayers – Thank you Blue Steel for ending the workout with prayer.  Pray for comfort to families and friends who have lost loved ones.  Prayer of thanks for the gift of life especially the life of new born babies.  Pray of thanks for the F3 Pax.  Pray for the safety of men and women who protect us.  Prayer of thanks for our country.

YHC – Minecraft




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