Slim Pickins

DATE: 6/27/17


# of PAX: 2

PAX: All About That Bass

WARM UP: quick, light individual stretching


  • Run out over the draw bridge to Summer’s Rest Road and run to the hill at the very end of it
  • Up and down the hill with
    • crab walk x 2
    • lunges x 2
    • right leg lunges x 2
    • left leg lunges x 2
    • bear crawl x 2
  • Back to the run- Summer’s Rest Trail back out to Eastwood, back to the beach, down the left side of the loop, cut through Lookout Harbor, down N Channel back to the parking lot.


  • very glad to have AATB with me this morning. It wouldn’t have been as much fun on my own! Strong pace to keep a solid 7:15-7:30 mile the whole way through. Ended right at 4.5 miles!

This was an easy BB! That’s all I got!

-BTB out!



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