EPO Naked; Hoff Clothed (???)

Date: 6/27
AO: Screaming Eagle (why go anywhere else?) RUN DAY
Q: Co-Q – EPO and Hoff
Pax: See above

Yah, the cosmos is weird like that sometimes. YHC arrived in complete compliance with and outfitted in new run-safety policy: shirt, reflective vest and headlamp ( … I know, right? Hoff in compliance?) Anyway, EPO arrived *without his coveted, much-mythologized Go Box, which is a virtual military-surplus-meets-Wal-mart, and contains all his hi-speed reflective gear. SO … off came EPO’s shirt, and we were rolling.


As it was a beautiful morning, and we were looking for some distance and speed, we decided to head into CB proper. With the bridge as a warm-up, we quickly transitioned to a fartlek-like workout. For those not in the know about this training method, it means “speed play” in Swedish and intermixes  periods of fast running with periods of slower running. We chose 30-second intervals of speed spaced between roughly 3 minutes of mosey. It worked really well, and we both benefited. We ended up running like a 6:30-ish something coming off the bridge to the finish. ZOOM!

Just me and EPO like old times. It was cool to reunite with our old selves and our past. We met when both our little girls still needed hand-holding at St. Mary and we now speak about when they will be driving. Continuity of place and friendships is a wonderful thing.


Let’s just say anyone using the facilities at CB should exercise caution and don a gas mask. EPO left his mark there for sure.

Thanks for the run, old and dear friend! AYE!!!






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