HMP – Coastal Surge

Friday, 23 June 2017

AO – HMP – Coastal Surge

Pax – Fire Marshal Bill, Morpheus, The Hoff, Busted Grill, Heisenburg, 8-Penny, Capt. Stubing, Hahvahd,  Dino, Double Check, Quarter Round, SBS, Ugly Stik, BtB, Sparky, Minecraft, Dixie Chick, Tank, The Adjuster, Trump, Sea Horse, Flounder, Venus, All About That Bass, Nomad (FNG – Patrick), Bath Salts, Overbite, Milton, LETC, Sir-Mix, Donut, Blue Steel, Kramer, Gravity, Gappetto

QIC – Crapetto

35 Pax got their sweat on a humid June morning.  Welcome to Nomad (Patrick, FNG).

CoP – seal claps x 25 IC, imperial walker x 20 IC and squats x 15 IC.

Count off by twos.  Ones line-up and follow Gappetto to outside the tennis courts.  Twos line-up and follow Minecraft to inside the tennis court.

Outside the tennis courts – 4 corners – Round 1) Bobby Hurleys x 25 at each corner and lunge walk between corners;  Round 2) Carolina dry docks x 25 at each corner and bear crawl between corners;  Round 3) (time permitting) V-ups x 25 at each corner and mosey between corners.

Inside the tennis courts – 11s with burpees and merkins.  Mary while waiting on six.  Wall of Fire – pax sprint around courts 3 Pax at a time while the rest of the Pax – 1) low plank, and 2) peoples chair and shoulder press.

Pax on the outside of the courts switch with Pax on the inside of the courts at 5:55.  Mosey back to AO at 6:13.

Mary – 10 Burpees

Moleskin – Congrats to Zuckerburg and the new addition to his family.

Prayers – moment of silence

Thank you Gappetto for Co-Qing with me.  Gappetto will be moving back to Winston-Salem to work in his father’s business.  I wish you all the best in Winston Salem and your new job.  We will miss you in the Cape Fear gloom.  Hope you get to come back and visit often.




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