Train of Pain

Date: 6/26/17

QIC: 8penny

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Downhill, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Hooch, TrollyStop, Flamer, Scrooge


  • seal-claps x40 IC
  • plank-jacks x30 IC
  • squat taps x20 IC


Mosey through parking lot and down path to pavilion

Find picnic table bench, burpee-box-jumps x15 OYO

Mosey to soccer field

Train-of-Pain Relay:
Cones set-up in zig-zag pattern across soccer field with one PAX taking position at each cone.  When exercise is called, all PAX perform exercise while 1st PAX sprints to 2nd to start relay.  Exercise is performed until last PAX returns to first cone.  Exercises performed:

– Mountain climbers
– Turkish get-up
– Carolina dry docks
– Hello Dollie
– Merkins
– Sidewalk surfers
– Plank taps
– Al Gore
– Little arm circles

Exit field, partner-up and sprint up path to parking lot

  • Flutter-kicks x30 IC
  • American-hammers x20 IC




Sasquatch July 29th, sign-up through

Cheech t-shirt orders, need to meet quota, get them in

Prayers for Cheech and family as well as for those that protect and lead.

An honor to Q…thank you

8penny, out!



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