School Yard Recess

Weather : 72 and cloudy

Q:Ball Bearing


Trombone shorts
Quarter round
Etch a sketch
Ball bearing
Coffee bean

Warm up:

Side straddle hop x 20
Windmills x 20
Cherry pickers x 20


That Thang:
Count off by 2’s
Mosey to the parking lot
1’s on the left
2’s on the right

If you are not In the relay do
Squats x 200 cumulative as a group
Mountain climbers x 200 cumulative as a group
Moroccan nightclub x 200 cumulative as a group

Cone drill
Jump rope forward x 20
Run to the skatepark and leap frog up the steps
At the top do 20 Merkins
Just get down on the way back
On the way back do the relay in reverse
Jump rope backward x 20

Tag the next man.
Continue until we have a winner

Mosey to the basketball court

Four corners in honor of the goat , no not lebron – MJ ” The roof is the ceiling guy”

One person shoots a layup , free throw and 3 pointer. Once you make all 3 tag a teammate out and take their number on the exercise

1 – sidewalk surfers – 20
2- bobby Hurley’s- 20
3- Maktar jie spelling- 20
4- shuttle side to side – 20
Until done

Stadium steps
Run up and run down both sets


Merkins -20
LBC’s – 20
Squats – 20


Great job guys  . Remember everyday is an opportunity- It is up to you what you make it .
Prayers for quarterround’s  mom moving to ilm
Cheech and his family
Letc, Ben and scouts
Travelers throughout the summer






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