Heavy Metal Monday – Hugh MacRae Park 6_26_2017

Date: 06/26/2017

Weather: 72 degrees and overcast

Q: Gravity

Pax: Captain Stubing, Sulfur Toe, Seahorse, Fire Marshall Bill, Bath Salts, Tiny Dancer, Overbite, Morpheus, Blue Steel & Gravity – apologies for missed names, my audio was broken up on my phone.

Warm up: Mosey to the Basketball Court.

Background Music: Motley Crue – The Greatest Hits

The Thang: Pair up.

7 stations set up around the Basketball Court for a 4-minute per station circuit.

Station 1: Lunge Curls to the 3-point line and back. Meanwhile, the partner completes triceps extensions. Flapjack for 4 minutes (“FJ4M”)

Station 2: 10# Butterflies (15 count). Meanwhile, the partner shadow boxes with window weights keeping his hands at eye height. FJ4M

Station 3: 30# Overhead Press x 15, while partner does Decline Merkins. FJ4M

Station 4: Dead Lift two 35# KBs with shoulder rolls at the top x 15, while partner does a weighted bridge on the bench with a 20# KB. FJ4M

Station 5: 35# Bench Press x 15, while partner completes standard merkins. FJ4M

Station 6: 35# Halos x 16. Partner completes 16 360 Mace turns (think halo with a sledge hammer). This will save your life during the zombie apocalypse. FJ4M

Station 7: Al Gore Squats w/ bags of pool salt. 40# bag, walk from half court to the end line, 10 squats, return to midcourt, 9 squats, end line – 8 squats, continue for 4 minutes. If you finish, complete the 4 minutes with air squats.

Meet at the corner of the court and prepare to play defense: sideways shuffles diagonally down, across and back.

Meet at the center for Mary led by various Qs. American Hammer x20 IC, LBCs x 20 IC, Flutter Kicks x 20 IC, WWII sit ups x 20 IC.


Good work by the Pax. Don’t be afraid to Q – YHC is proof that you don’t need to know what you are doing to be a good Q (if I can speak for myself).

We need 2.0 Qs for Saturdays (every Saturday) after Baywatch. We need a man or two to step up while the FIA members post – it’ll be fun: play freeze tag, duck duck goose, whiffle ball, basketball, whatever it takes including teaching the next gen how to do a few burpees.

Continued prayers for Cheech and his family. Prayers for inspiration to each that we may smile at strangers in hopes that it spreads hope those in need.

It is with honor, Gravity.



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