Beach Bod Countdown

Date: 6/24/17

Where: Baywatch, Wrightsville Beach NC

Number of Pax: 35

QIC: Venus

Pax: Overbite, Busted Grill, Trump, Seahorse, Ball Bearing, Lifo, Milton, Freon, Leisure Suit, Waffle, Agular – FNG (Noah Milliken), the Adjuster, Tank, Dino, Gaphetto, Gobo, Last, Small Things – FNG (Jeff McMillan), 8-Penny, Downhill, the Hoff, Benefactor(Charlotte), Madoff – FNG (Charlie Anderson), BTB,  Hooverround, Tiny Dancer, All About that Bass, Agassi – FNG (Owen Watkins), Treble – FNG (Cade McWhorter), Diehard, Niles, Dilbert – FNG (Jeff Holbert), Sir Mix A lot, Gage.

Warm up: SSH x50IC (varying cadence)

Flutterkicks x40IC

Mountain Climber Merkins x20IC

Count of 1s and 2s. Explain that each team must carry the log for the entire workout without putting it down. Every exercise must be completed by every PAX but the log cannot touch the ground. Lets pick up the logs….


Mosey to the beach from the park with the logs in front. When a PAX is needed to be replaced on the log COMMUNICATE our needs and someone will be at your 6.

We stopped at Intracoastal Realty to complete 20 Prisoner Squats before continuing on to the beach.

Once at the beach, YHC explained the next portion of the workout. Remember, the log cannot touch the ground, and every PAX must complete every exercise.

50 LBC’s at the dunes

50 SSH shin deep in the surf

45 Copperhead Squats at the dunes

45 SSH shin deep in the surf

40 Jump Lunges at the dunes

45 SSH shin deep in the surf

35 Merkins at the dunes

35 SSH shin deep in the surf

30 Burpees at the dunes

30 SSH shin deep in the surf

25 MakTar Jives at the dunes

25 SSH shin deep in the surf

20 Sidewalk Surfers at the dunes

20 SSH shin deep in the surf

15 Broad Jump Burpees at the dunes

15 SSH shin deep in the surf

10 Dead Stop Merkins at the dunes

10 SSH shin deep in the surf

Dino led those who finished in some flutter kicks in the surf!

Once each team was finished, 60 seconds to rinse the sand of your body, AKA OUT OF YOUR GROIN REGION!!!!

Line back up, mosey back to the COT. Logs in the front, relieve a man when needed.

Once back at the COT, 20 shoulder presses with the logs.


For those who missed, I felt like today was a good one. Not necessarily the hardest thing in the world, but I believe teamwork is essential to all parts of life and I am pumped to be apart of such a great group of guys who put others before themselves.

Everyone did a great job today. Teamwork and encouragement was seen by all.

It was awesome seeing so many FNG’s. BTB had a flying EH 22 seconds before the workout started. Benefactor from Charlotte brought a friend from New York! This is what it is about, giving away the gift of F3.

AATB – thanks for bringing the 2.0 and friend. I think it is great for kids to see what #HIMs are and they can see what it takes to become one.

Hoff – thank you for your encouraging words about WHY! WHY F3?

Sir Mix A lot – thank you for the logs, we will be using them more. Way to step up for that 2.0 workout.

Johnny Gage – well done getting the miles in before.

Sasquatch July 29. Sign up

BROlympics October 7. More details coming.

Gaphetto’s last day is June 30. BE THERE!!!!!!

Prayers for Cheech, F3 Lexington, and all of F3 Nation. Prayers to the driver involved.

Prayers for Zuckerberg and his new baby daughter.

Prayers for LETC on his camping trip.

Prayers for those who keep us safe.

Prayers for those who need F3.


As always, it is a pleasure to be able to lead such a great group of men. I know you all have my 6, and I have yours!!!!

Until next time…

Venus OUT!









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