Sleeveless for Cheech

DATE: 6/22/17

# of PAX: 22

QIC: Bob the Builder

PAX: FMB, Tiny Dancer, Milton, LETC, Venus, Morpheous, FNG- Pom Pom, FNG- Blade, FNG- Milky Way, Mr. Kotter, Snowflake (Greensboro), Minecraft, Patch Adams, Niles, Hoverround, Captain Stubbing, Coon Bait, Gapetto, The Ratt, Ugly Stik, The Hoff


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Windmill x 20 IC


  • Lots of PAX this morning so we made two columns for a two headed Caterico Indian Run to the hill past Elijah’s
  • Partner up for Modified DORA
    • 50 – clurpees
    • 100 – Crab Jacks
    • 150 – wall climbers?
  • Mary while we wait for the SIX:
    • flutter kicks x 51 IC (Thanks Ugly Stik)
    • CCV x 10 IC per side
  • Line back up into two columns and run back same way we came
  • Mary while we wait for the SIX:
    • WWII sit ups x 20 IC
    • V-ups x 15 IC
    • American Hammer x 25 IC
  • Start at the edge of the AO for 4 Corners Escalator:
    • run up the hill to the first corner: 10 mountain climber merkins
    • run down the block to corner 2: 10 mountain climber merkins, 20 sweat angels
    • run down the hill to corner 3: 10 mountain climber merkins, 20 sweat angels, 30 dead stop merkins
    • run down to the start to corner 4: 10 mountain climber merkins, 20 sweat angels, 30 dead stop merkins, 40 donkey kicks


  • Prayers for Coon Bait and his marriage. Strong work to post again and bring and FNG!
  • Several PAX posted sleeveless today for our brother in Lexington Cheech. If you haven’t already heard or been following along on Twitter, Cheech was hit by a car during yesterday’s workout in Lexington and has passed away. From all accounts he was doing everything right to protect himself, (reflectors, head lamp, flashing light) but this was just a very unfortunate and horrific accident.
  • Please send your prayers up to Cheech’s family and friends in Lexington. It is said over and over again that everyday could be your last day. But it is never more true when a tragedy takes the life of a man too soon. Take a moment today to tell the ones you love how you feel, put out your full maximum effort in everything you do, never take anything for granted, and be the person you want to be remembered as everyday.
  • I am always humbled and proud by the support we receive every day from this group of men and I love each and everyone of you. We are only as strong as our pack and I challenge all of us to push each other, pray for each for other, and be there for each other each and every day!

As always, it is an honor and I am grateful to have the opportunity to sweat with each of you every day



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