Ratt for Last (HMP)

Date: 6-21-17

# of Pax: 9


Q: Last
Dixie Chick


Capt Stubing

Busted Grill

Mr. Kotter

Tiny Dancer



Warm Up:

SSH X 30

Hillbillies X 30 

Mountain Climbers X 20 

Mosey to tennis court. 

Find a partner. Partner carry around the inside of the tennis court. Both Pax completed a lap. While the other Pax were waiting, we performed Al Gore’s, People’s chair, and balls to the wall in 20 count increments until everyone had cycled through. 

We then took a short mosey to the parking lot above the tennis courts.

It was time for a little Dora 1-2-3. 50 burpees, 100 step ups, and 200 squats. In between turns a lap around the retention pond was completed. 

Once that was completed we did some circuit trainging, 15 inverted rows, 15 incline merkins, and 15 swing-crunches; rinse and repeat 3 times. 

Finally it was time for mary. 20 flutter kicks, 20 windshield wipers, 20 American hammers, 20 heels to heaven. 


Great to see 9 pax come out on a rainy, muggy morning. HDHH is this afternoon. Gravity strongly encouraged Pax to sign up for Mondays and TD encouraged folks to sign up for Wednesdays. 

Last, out. 



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