#stingray – TRIPLE THREAT

Date: June 21, 2017

#of PAX 6


AO: @ stingray

pax: LETC, Bob the Builder, Etch-A-Sketch, Ball Bearing, Venus

Warmup:  Side Straddle Hops, Ball Murkens, Butt kicks (in cadence)

Workout: Mosey to the pullup bars for 30 jump pullups. Mosey to tennis courts where we completed alternating sets of 10 single leg dips, 10 low plank jacks in cadence, with basketball shuffles between stations around the outside of Tennis court – 3 laps.

Then we moseyed back to pullup bars for 30 pullup jumps.  Back to tennis court 2 for 1 lap of alternating sets of 10 lunge pulses, 10 murkens, and frog hops between stations.

Ran back to the flag and stretched with figure 4 stretch (not Ric Flair’s Finishing move)

We didn’t get to finish the entire workout I had planned, but I think it’s safe to say, when we finished, WE WERE FINISHED.

Thanks men for being there to support me on my VQ.

SHOUT OUT TO BALL BEARING:  I’m so impressed with your mental toughness.  Just when I think you don’t have any more juice left in you, you surprise me with a final push of grit, and you totally show off!  #strong work

Now let’s go kill it today at work and in our family life!!



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