Sandbags by the Sea

When: 6/17/2017

Where: Baywatch AO


Who: Dino, Heisenberg, Hoff, Johnny Gage, Ballbearing, Blue steel, Busted grill, LETC, Niles, Double-check, Kataba(Raleigh), Tank, Wreck it Ralph, Freon, Venus, Seahorse, Milton, Gobo, Last, Downhill, 8-penny, The Adjuster, Cracker, Sir mix, Leisure suit (FNG), and Waffle(FNG).


27 men posted at Baywatch for a Sandbag by the sea beatdown. But prior to the workout Hoff and Johnny Gage did 10 miles, Dino did 8+ miles, YHC and Heisenberg did 6.5 miles, Last did a ruck and Double check ran about a 1/2 mile. Great extra credit work!!! 2 FNG’s posted this morning.

The Thang:

Circle up

SSH x 40

Prisoner squats x 25

Merkins x 20

MTN climbers x 25

A sandbag was placed at approximately every 3rd or 4th man.

If you have a sandbag you will do an exercise while the remaining pax will do a different on. After each exercise you will pass the sandbag to the right.  The sandbags get passed until everyone does the sandbag exercise. Rinse and repeat x 3.

Sandbags                        No sandbag

Squats                              Merkins

shoulder press                flutter kicks

merkins                           Al Gore

Stack the sandbags to the side of the BB court.

Line up in a single file line. Indian run to the beach. Stay together as a team.

Stop at parking lot and collect everyone.

FK’s x 25


Resume run to the beach. We were not doing a good job staying together as a team. We looked like a giant accordion.  Poor form.

Assemble on the beach and immediately get in the surf and start doing flutter kicks. Once everyone joined in we recovered.

Go waist deep and do 20 Jump Squats. OYO.

20 surfees, burpees in the surf.

More flutter kicks.

Get in waist deep water and run down the beach until you are even with the 2nd set of blue barrels.

Hello dollies x 25

merkins x 20

prisoner squats in waist deep water x 20

Box cutter x 15

Back in waist deep water and run back to the starting point.

10 x surfees

Rinse off and assemble on the asphalt.

I spoke to the pax about the importance of staying together as a team. Individual we can all to some degree, but can we run as a team. This takes more attention and effort to ensure you don’t pull the team apart. Recently Foxtrot showed us the importance of functioning as a team.

Start the indian run back.

This time we did a great job of controlling the pace at the front. With 27 men in a single line you really have to sprint to get to the front. This is a different exercise with 27 men versus 7 or 9 men. We stayed together the entire way back. Great job!!!

Assemble on the foul line on the ball field. 10 burpees. Sprint to the fence.

Al Gore x 1 minute and sprint to the fence.

FK’s x 25

Box cutter x 15


Sasquatch July 29th. Sign up. We will clown car up.

Sign up to Q. Seek help if you need it.

Brolympics October 7th. Going to be FREAKING AWESOME. Venus and Hoff are the POC’s. We are going to have a band playing, Better with Bourbon.


Welcome Leisure Suit, He plays in a band, The White loafers. No really. Maybe we can get them to play at the brolympics!!

Welcome Waffle, He is originally from Whiiiitevillle.

Last, Here is the number to my barber, 1-800-trim that shit.

Dino, thanks for running with Heisenberg for extra credit. And how about Heisenberg finding the pause button for the hot colon. Strong work. That will come in handy for the BRR!!!

T-claps to Johnny Gage and Hoff for the 10 miler extra credit. Motivated!!

What do we call it when your Dad post and you don’t??

As always Busted Grill and Wreck it ralph are a huge inspiration!!

EPO out







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