Getting the Led Out

Date: 06/19/2017

Weather: 78 Degrees, 125% humidity – occasional sprinkle of rain – just enough to wet the ground. Background music – Led Zeppelin IV

QIC: Gravity

PAX: LETC, Seahorse, Fire Marshall Bill & Gravity

After a brief disclaimer, we mosied down to the lower parking lot. There we were greeted by 5 – 5 minute stations with 20 second intervals between stations. PAX paired up to get the Led out.

1) 2 – 10# weights for 20 butterflies while the partner shadow boxed with window weights- flapjack for 5 minutes.
2) 30 yard Lunge Curls – pick your poison, either 2 – 15# KBs, or 2 30# KBs. Lunge walk, curl on the way up for 15 yards, turn around and return. Meanwhile, your partner takes one of the other KBs and completes tricep extensions and flapjack for 5 minutes.
3) 12# Med Ball – two PAX sit feet to feet and complete WWII sit-ups handing the med ball back and forth for 5 minutes.
4) Squat Press x 20 with 40# KB, partner does Decline Merkins until the other finishes. – flapjack for 5 minutes.
5) Press x 20 with 20# KBs. One PAX lays at the top of the steps doing a modified bench press with a KB in each hand for 20 reps – partner does merkins until its his turn – flapjack for 5 minutes.

With 14 minutes to go, one at a time, we ran 60 yard shuttles – 7 sets. Two cones, 15 yards apart, sprint there, back, there and back for a total of 60 yards.


Gravity 2.0 is starting Drivers Ed today – you have been warned.

We ask that if you need/want an F3 shirt, deadline is fast approaching for the pre-order.

We need Heavy Metal Qs – if you graduated Q School, you need to show you can Rock with Heavy Metal.

Reminder: seeking some good numbers to represent F3 Cape Fear at the Sasquatch on July 29th – see LETC for more deets – he’s Qing one of the AOs. Even if you can provide rides, bike along the course and offer words of encouragement … they can still use you.

Respectfully submitted: Gravity


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