Big Bang Theory

Date: Monday, 06.19.17
# of Pax: 6
Where: Stingray, the only place to be!
QIC: the Ratt


Quarter round
Ball bearing
Ugly Stik


SSH x50 IC
Hillbillies x15 IC
Copper Head Squats: x20 IC
LBAC: x25 IC Forward and Reverse
Indian Run Caterico Style (x5 merkins) long ways (but go left this time…apparently this is being done when I’m not there).


The Thang:

Make up as I go stations, which usually end up more difficult then a complete planned workout (but lets be real, I never plan the whole thing).

First deviation, stop at wall during the IR and BALLS TO THE WALL holding for 60 sec.

Second deviation, go to pull up bars, in any order OYO…10 pull-ups, 10 toes to bar, 10 merkins, 10 dips.

Third deviation (this was planned!), grab 2 decent sized coupons & mosey to closest parking lot. This was arm burnout time.

Do the exercise below then run to the otherside and do 10 rock burpees. When running there and back hold out the coupons either out front or overhead.

50 Flys

50 Curls (25 each arm)

50 forearm turnovers

50 overhead press

Fourth deviation (and reason for workout title), line up and grab a partner for some classic races. Due to the odd number, BTB, Ugly Stick and YHC raced first and we witnessed a mere collision of the HIMs, which allowed YHC to almost beat BTB (hint word almost). Rest of PAX raced, then for the R&R, the winner ran with the coupons to even out the field.

Fifth deviation, Sundial merkins at the picnic tables. x5 IC for 12,3,6, and 9 o’clock. Did this twice before PAX arms were all toasted.

Back to the flag for the REAL Freddie Mercuries as indicated by YHC’s M and as inspired by Wreck-it-Ralph’s REAL LBCs. Finished with some American Hammers.


Great work by the PAX. Ball Bearing let me know that when I make up workouts they tend to be way harder. Quarterround sorry I forgot your name, but looking strong. Flounder’s weekend of booze and food didn’t slow him down. BTB must have thought the workout was hard because I saw him cheating on the Mary. Please remind me to stop doing the sundial merkins IC, its supposed to be single count. ETCH always looks so studly running up in the morning. Tank thanks for the sip of water, I was getting quite parched. EOM thanks for throwing the coupons at me. I’ll make sure you get bigger ones next time.

Zuckerberg hasn’t had his baby yet, so we pray for a quick and speedy delivery. Prayers to Founder’s wife’s Boss and EOM’s good friend going through a separation.  Hope everyone had a good fathers day. Thank you for letting me lead.

The Ratt OUT.


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