Rocks and Qschool

what: Coastal Surge via Hugh MacRae Park

when- 6-16-17

QIC- Last and LETC

Busted Grill
Parrot Head
Wreck It Ralph
Freon (FNG)
8 Penny
Ugly Stick
The Ratt
Ball Bering
Double Check
Johnny Gage
Quarter Round

33 pax won the fartsack battle and chose the hard, right path.  Today was a Co-Q and a Qschool. A short little talk on F3, our mission statement, 5 core principles, and how it works. It will change your life and give you new found purpose. But only if you commit to give it to others. It’s a funny thing how all the great things in life have this inverse relationship. The more you give, the more you receive.

Warmup 30 SSH x 30

Tha Thang

13 pax who have Q’d 0-5 times go with LETC, EPO, Dino, and Heisenberg for Q school.  13 pax are divided into 4 teams.  The other 4 pax each take a team, run them through the routine of being a Q, and share their F3 testimonial.  YHC enjoyed his time with Ball bearing, Cracker, Niles as we shared our life stories during some inch worms and Al Gore.  Am hearing tales of similar experiences in the other teams as well.

The seasoned pax went with Last, and here is what they found.
Mosey to the rock pile to select two coupons. Each Pax selected two 5lb coupons we then moseyed to the top of the hill and partnered up. While one pax took a lap around the retention pond the other pax did “super sets” until they returned. These consist of 10 front rows, 10 side rows, and 10 shoulder presses. This was rinsed and repeated two times. We then did LBAC’s to make sure everyone was warmed up.

It was then time for another short mosey, and we stopped off and circled up again. BTB led us in a round of 20 rows. Then it was time for a little people’s chair with arms outstretched for one minute. We then dropped our coupons and took a step to the right to get new coupons. We then took a short mosey up the road and down a hill for some lunge walk with coupons overhead. We then circled up and for some more super sets. We then did some curls-for-the-girls. Finally, I let Ugly Stick pick an exercise; which as a mistake. As we did rock burpees. We followed up with one last set of LBAC’s. We traded coupons one last time, then it was back to the coupon pile.

Once the coupons had been safely deposited we went over to the playground for some quick sets. 10 Step ups, 10 incline merkins, 10 inverted rows, rinse and repeat three times. We then planked out and finished just in time for Mary.

Mary- Each of the Master Qs sent one of their newbies to the center to lead Mary.  They all did awesome except to for Dino’s mentee.  What in the world were you doing over there Dino?  Looks like we have 13 new pax ready to sign up for a Q.

CoT- We continued to talk about the power of giving it away.  EH. Q. Just do it.  Dads weekend.  No greater example of giving it away.  It’s an amazing gift to be a dad.  Yet most of us would sacrifice our very life for our 2.0s.  Enjoy and cherish every moment pax.  Zuckerberg, we pray for the safe arrival of your girl, and are so excited for you beginning the incredible journey.  F3 Q guidelines will be put on slack.  Q Masters, get the calendar filled out.

We did learn one thing today. BTB was unimpressed by the beignets in NoLa.

Kramer revealed that no one was paying attention in CoT with his, um, unique close out. Pax, the man can bring some ole time fire and brim Stone. Next time for sure.

We learned Wreckit Ralph is not good at math?  Um, BtB, doesn’t he tell you to measure twice, cut once?

Gravity stepped up to be HeavyMetal Master Q.  Y’all show up to Hugh MacRae park on Mondays to show him some love.  He has extra kbs.

Today was a lot different, from a typical workout.  Not a brutal beatdown, but a lot of 2nd F, and hopefully a lot of growth.  F3Nation is exploding like crazy, because each new pax is stepping up to lead.  Are you ready to step up?

When you do, you will see that it truly is an honor and a privilege.  Thank you pax for giving us that honor and privilege today.

Last and LETC out

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