Land Navigation Run

When; 6/13/2017

Where; The Bridge AO, Snow Cut Park


Who; Hoff, Sir Mix a lot, 8-Penny, Sloppy Joe, and Johnny Gage


5 men gathered under the Snow Cut Bridge to see what YHC had in store for them. I hinted at land navigation in the preblast. I wanted the run to be a little more fun. Land navigation is getting from point a to point b usually with a map or gps device.


The Thang;

Well Johnny Gage was late but we started without him. #beontime

The idea was to divide the pax up by race pace. Then they would be given a destination to run to and return. Distance was established on the shortest route to the target. If you knew your way around Carolina Beach you had a distinct advantage.

Since the 6 pax that posted can run between a 7 and 8 minute mile I choose Libby’s Dock and Dine and gave Johnny gage Britts donuts.

So off we go. Hoff and Sloppy Joe leading the way. Sir mix right in  the mix. *- penny and YHC pulling the rear.  Gage passes us in the car about a 1/4 mile out of the parking lot.

I left him a piece of paper telling him where to run to.

When we reach the 1 mile mark Sir mix turns around an runs to pick up the 6, Gage.

So now you have Hoff and Sloppy Joe up front. 8 penny and YHC not far behind.

If you know the Hoff then you know he can’t navigate. They blow right past the turn to Gibby’s. We make the turn and arrive at the destination.

8 penny and I decide to then navigate to Britts donuts. Maybe they are open!! We find Hoff and Sloppy Joe. Sir mix and Gage arrive soon after.

No Britts was not open.

As expected the Hoff had no idea where Gibby’s was located. Either did Sloppy Joe.

We then return the way we came. We would push the pace all the way back.

Ok so this workout idea needs some work. I have already figured out how to improve it for next week.


Prayers for the military and those battling illness.

Sign up for a Q.

Sign up for Sasquatch July 29th.

Be on the lookout for extra credit workouts like cycling and swimming.


Hoff still can’t navigate.

Sloppy Joe pick a better partner or bring a smartphone.

Sir mix strong work getting the extra milage.

8-Penny good push today.

Gage you keep getting stronger even if you were late.

EPO out




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