HuMP Day #ThinkAboutBaseball

Date: 06/14/2017

VQIC: Gravity

PAX: Tiny Dancer, Wreck It Ralph, Mayhem, Busted Grill, Dixie Chick, Bath Salts, Niles, Last, Dupon (Washington, DC) and Tao (Chapel Hill)

Warm Up: Imperial Walker x 20 IC
Cotton Pickers x 20 IC
Burpees x 20 OYO
Lunge Walk to the Speed HuMP
Bear Crawl to the baseball field

The Thang:
Count off in 4s – 1s take 1st Base, 2s take 2nd Base, 3s take 3rd and 4s take home plate – The Goal – to scoreAustin Powers
“yeah Baby”

Start by sprinting to the next base and complete that activity.
1st Base – this is really exciting, do 25 merkins OYO for making it to 1st.
2nd Base – The heart rate is increases, do 50 air squats
3rd Base – this is important, before you score you must have your head about you and thinking clearly – do Balls to the Wall until the guys on second reach third – you need good blood flow to the brain. Now that you are headed home, you are free to complete 30 Pickle Pumpers (unsupervised)

Touch ’em all 4 times around the bases.

Recovery walk to the Right Field Foul Line where the cones of destiny await. The 60 yard shuttle sprints – two cones 15 yards apart – sprint there, back, there and back – 15 x 4 = 60 yards. Run, rest while your fellow base runners take their turns – complete 5 sets.

Return to your bases – turn over your “Q” cards. Run between bases.
1st Base – 25 LBCs – according to Busted Grill this means Little Breathers for Champions
2nd Base – 25 WWII sit-ups
3rd Base – 25 Heels to Heaven
Home Plate – 25 American Hammer
Rinse and repeat/ EVERYBODY SCORES

Recovery mosey to the AO – its 06:14.


Military, first responders – and for our community hoping for honesty, leadership and information on our community’s water supply.


It was almost daylight at the start (not so much gloom, but almost a gleam of sunlight)- welcome to Dupont visiting from DC and Tao from Chapel Hill – I enjoyed talking craft beer with you at the end. Go find a Venus flytrap while your here – if you are not successful, we have a Flytrap Brewery downtown that will satisfy the thirst of the traveling public.

Confessions of a VQ: If you don’t have rhythm, the cadence is harder than you think – so go OYO if the cadence distracts you. Writing down the workout saves you from any frustration or transition awkwardness. For more lessons on being the best Q you can be, be sure to join us at HMP this Friday for Convergence and Q School – The pain will be accompanied with a lesson in leadership. Its an honor and joy to lead … try it sometime.

Yours truly,



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