Coupons? I think I can

The Pax- BtB, Venus, Sparky, Ball Bearing, Gobo, Trump, Skins, Trombone Shorty, Trickle Down, Geppetto, Etch-a-Sketch, and Mini-me


12 pax wandered into the monster factory this am. Mini-me came down from corporate so YHC started with the disclaimer due to not wanting to be written up. Once the don’t hurt yourself part was over, YHC started administering the pain.


seal claps IC x 30, hillbillies IC x 20, cotton pickers IC x 20

The Thang-  After a mild brain fart the Q had 3 pax split into 4 teams. Each team found a 30″ 8×8 coupon waiting for them in my truck bed. The coupon is not to touch the ground until 0615. Let’s roll.

The gate to ball fields is locked. No worries- adapt and overcome. We mosey to the picnic shelter. Instructions are as follows: Run 1/4 of loop, stop and do 15 squat press with coupon and 100 dead stop merkins. Run 1/4 more, stop and do 30 squat press and 200 donkey kicks on little building.  Run 1/4 more, stop and 45 squat press and 300 squats. Run back to shelter, stop and 60 squat press and 400 Mtn climbers.  All numbers are cumulative for the team, and the team is to stay together. Finish early?  Go get the 6.

‘Mosey to Faith Hill.  Stay as a team.  Take coupon to top of hill for 15 bench press with coupon, while rest of team does 30 plank jacks. Rinse and repeat, walking down the numbers- 14 and 28, 13 and 26, etc, until you get to zero.

We almost made it to 0615 when Minime dropped his coupon (as instructed by Q). 10 burpee penalty for everyone OYO.  Mosey back to flag. No time for Mary.

CoT- Several prayers thrown out for health and job challenges. Prayers for Zuckerberg and M for the 2.0 due any minute. Minime led us out with an inspiring shout-out.

9 pax proceeded to Ruth’s for some good ole fashioned 2nd F and bacon.

Moleskin- BtB and Venus, YHC intentionally set Sparky and myself up on the 4 man team.  We wanted to experience coming in first at Stingray for once. 🙂  Ball bearing, you are ready for Sasquatch.  We’re going to need your positive energy.  Tclaps to Gobo on the Normandy Ruck.  That sounds awesome.  Not sure the M would give me that hall pass.  Trump, thanks for keeping the A team out front today.  Would not have happened without you.  Skins, the etch workout Monday was a beast, yet you came back.  You’re all in, we can feel it.  Trombone Shorty, stick with us and you will be the baddest, meanest stud in NH county middle school football.  Trickle Down, Reagan is my hero, so it makes me smile every time you gutting it out and giving it all you’ve got.  Geppetto, yep, we’re gonna miss you bad.  Etch, YHC was not sure how it would go today.  Still trying to recover from Monday.  Mini-me, we like to pick on you for being corporate (and a variety of other things), but value and appreciate how you work so hard on giving it away.  Thank you.  All of you are #HIM, and it is an honor to be doing life with you.

It’s flag day so enjoy the little Johnny Cash diddy.

Thanks for the opportunity and privilege to Q the #Monsterfactory

LETC out




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