Date: June 13, 2017
# of PAX: 6
Flying QIC: THE Ratt
AO: Turbo Tuesday @ WB
PAX: Mr. Kotter, Zuckerberg, Quarterround, Bob the Builder & All About that Bass

Total Distance: 6.05 miles
Total Time: 53:02
Avg Pace: 8.46

After a little confusion on who had the Q, YHC decided he wanted to lead on this beautiful morning at the beach. However, we ran a little over on time – but even  BTB (@tannermk2) said he was hungry afterwards aka he thinks that means it was a hard workout. I blame the clock on Zuckerberg’s stop at the Shell Island Poop Station.

Warmup: Copper Head Squats & Seal Claps

the Thang: Run through North Channel drive, stop at the circle before Lookout Harbour and do 30 Merkins IC on the curb. Continue over the bride towards Shell Island Poop Station.

Parking Deck sprints. Sprint to each incline of the parking deck and stop for 10 merkins – about 6 stops total with 10 at the top. Run back down backwards. Mr. Kotter decided Car Back would be called when running backwards. Wait (but not long) for Zuckerberg and BTB.

Run to the beach and prepare for an Indian Run at a 7.00 pace led by BTB. We lost a couple on the way and only averaged a 7.15 pace. We than did some stretching while waiting for the six. Then run back to the COT.

Thanks for letting me lead. RATT out.





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