Motivate and Modificate

DATE: 6/12/17

Q:  Etch-A-Sketch


LETC, Flounder, All About That Bass, Trickledown, Tao (from Chapel Hill), Tank, Ball Bearing, Zuckerberg, Quarter Round (FNG – Steve Risley), Skins (FNG – Dallas Romanowski), Trombone Shorty (FNG – Ben Romanowski, Dallas’s son).


  • Side Straddle Hops X 50 IC
  • Sky Reachers X 10 each leg IC

Definitely had trouble speaking this morning.  Forgot how to begin an exercise and encouraged PAX to modificate if necessary.  At least it got laughs.


Indian Run with front man holding two coupons (stones that can be held in each hand), back man sprints to front and carries coupons.  Make our way the long way to the left around the fields to the pull up bars.

4 Piece Circuit x 2 OYO

  • Single Leg Sit Throughs (10 each leg…20 total)
  • Static hold on bars bicycle (20)
  • Curb Lunge Knee Raises (20)
  • Hanging Knee Raises (20)

Hold 6″ and American Hammer while waiting for 6.

Indian Run again with coupons back to first entrance of parking lot.

Split into 2 groups.  One man walks with stone doing overhead presses to tree and back while rest of the Pax rotate 3 exercises, alternating when stone PAX returns.

  • Squats
  • Burpees
  • Side Walk Surfers (am I the only one that calls these out on a Q?)

Each Pax carried stone twice

Mosey back to flag…no time left for Mary


Praises for allowing us all to get out and get better this morning.  Be with all the Pax and families with various things on our hearts and minds spoken or otherwise.  Look inside us and allow You to make us the men that you want us to be in all aspects of life.


  • Really enjoyed it today gentlemen.  Great work by everyone!  Great having Tao from Chapel Hill and welcome to FNGs Skins, Trombone Shorty and Quarter Round.  Trombone Shorty keeping up like a champ preparing himself for Middle School football…dedication indeed!  Always an honor to lead.  Forever humbled to follow.


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