The Theme is Team

The Theme is Team

# of PAX: 25

PAX: LETC, Cracker, LIFO (FNG), Tig, Pez, Coffee Bean, FIFO (FNG), Ball Bearing, Minecraft, Blue Steel, Busted Grill, Tiny Dancer, Venus, Aqua Fresh, Double Check, Niles, Parrot Head, Hoverround, Heisenberg, Trump, EPO, Last, Tao (Chapel Hill), Fire Marshall Bill, Foxtrot.

QIC: Foxtrot


51 SSH, IC (Varying Cadence)

Charles Atlas Stretch x 2

Pigeon Stretch x 2

51 FK, IC 

Merkin, SC | Chest to Ground

Copperhead Squat x 10 | 3 count to bottom of squat, 1 count up

Brainteaser & Share

All PAX get on the invisible rope along the basketball court side and end line.

PAX turn to person next to them and share a highlight from the week past. We heard about graduations and a recognized employee.


PAX must “grab” hold of rope and navigate along rope placing oneself in order of birth from oldest to youngest. Decades 1940’s – 1980’s represented…missing 1950’s (Elvis has left the house).

PAX now placed in 4 teams grouped roughly by age for THE THANG: Part 1

The Thang: Part 1

Indian Run to Salt

PAX formed into 4 teams by similar age.

Indian Run to Ocean. PAXs wait until all arrive before proceeding to the Salt.

Each team must stay tight finding the pace that keeps the team together. All PAX stay tight – continuous movement to the salt.

Teams arrive at salt in reverse order (4, 3, 2, 1), but in order from youngest to not quite as young.

Teams 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 form 2 teams for Tunnel of Love.

All team members face ocean in line and assume high plank position looking yonder. PAX on far left low crawls through all team members. As first PAX progresses through tunnel, next PAX on left enters tunnel. PAX assumes high plank position on right flank as PAX exits tunnel. Once all PAX have traveled the Tunnel of Love, all PAX recover.

All PAX lock arms as 1 team and wade into the salt to waist depth. 25 PAX, undaunted by the salt’s waves, do 10 squats.

All PAX leave salt and have 60 seconds to form back into original teams for return trip back to AO for The Thang: Part 2.

The Thang: Part 2

Get Back On The Birthday Rope | Count off by 4 to form 4 teams with diverse age.

 4 Corners | Mid-field Confusion & Encouragement

Team 1 & 3 go to opposing corners, diagonally: 10 Squats | Run to opposing corner diagonally and do 5 Merkins.

Rinse & Repeat until you hit 100 & 50 or for about 6 minutes.

Team 2 & 4 go to opposing corners, diagonally: 10 lunges | Run to opposing corner diagonally and do 5 Burpees.

Rinse & Repeat until you hit 100 & 50 or for about 6 minutes.

Mosey to the Baseball Field

Flutter Kicks | IC x 10


Strong work by 25 PAXs. Lots of movement and YOU won.

We welcomed 2 FNGs. Brothers in Accounting. Say hello to FIFO and LIFO. Rumor has it they are good with numbers, just not accurate. Good thing for spreadsheets.

Welcome visiting PAX from Charlotte and Chapel Hill – and one other area? Thanks for finding F3CapeFear @ Baywatch. Pamela Anderson usually has Gatorade for us when we are finished, but she was out of town this weekend. Spread the rumor.

Good stick-to-it-ness by Minecraft.

Life is a team sport and we are better together when we support one another and stick together. The best perk about being on a team is that you get to ask for help…brothers don’t let brothers down.

Learned from Busted Grill that we are born with 2 fears and snakes are not one of them although a serpent is associated with the fall. We are born fearful of loud noises and falling. Coincidentally, we can ask a team for help if we think we are falling down….different way of looking at falling. Just ask.

Prayers for all of those coming out of a graduation and entering a new chapter of life!

Strong Work!!! Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.

PS – I’m crushed. I wore my retro Ranger panties just for @Hoff and he stood me up.   They are my 3rd Jersey not worn every morning…you’ll have to see them in the Gloom down the road.

PSS – Referring to my 3rd Jersey, my daughter looked the other way when I arrived home…saying, “I can’t un-see that.”



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