Breakin’ down the walls

QIC: Gepetto

Date: 6/7/17

AO: F3 Stingray

# PAX: 17

PAX: Trickle-down, Ball-bearing, Etchasketch, EOM, Flounder, LETC, DINO, BTB, THE Ratt, Uglystick, Sparky, Dr. Doolittle, Zuckerberg, Coffeebean, Lazarus, Trump



Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Hill Billys x 10 IC

SSH x 10 IC

Carterico Indian Run to the baseball field, turn right…. SYKE! there’s another PAX pulling up, turn left and take the scenic route so he can catch up/ warm up.



Given the daunting task of choosing which field to play on, Uglystick opted for the one on the right. Thank you for helping with that tough decision!


With your partner complete (or try to at least)…

100 burpees (partner runs across outfield and bearcrawls back!)

200 mtnclimber-merkins (partner runs across outfield and crawlbears back)

300 four count plankjacks (partner mozys across outfield and back)

Due to an extra scenic Carterico Indian Run, mtnclimbers and plankjacks were adjusted to 100 four count (thats 400 single counts for those PAX that were a little confused)


When complete join, YHC at the bleachers for some dips while we cheer on our fellow gloom-iators. Several HIM went back to get the six’s six- strong work. Quick round of squats lead by THE Ratt and some American Hammers lead by Sparky.


YHC seems to think we still have time so next up is a partner carry back to the insertion point. After 100 yards there was a jailbreak since apparently people have responsibilities.. something YHC has forgotten about during his transition from school back to the “real world”.

Lazarus – strong work on that mozy back to the flag


Hope Community Church is “breakin down the walls” and recruiting any and all souls that might not have a parish to call home – see Lazarus or Zuckerberg if anyone is looking for a home among fellow followers!

CONGRATS to soon to be father F3 Zuckerberg,  with a little girl on the way!!

Well spoken prayers by Lazarus to close the workout and send us off on our day to do His work.

Strong work on those CIR sprints, gentlemen. That was a long way up to the front after those merkins and everyone out there crushed it!

Thanks for putting up with my time management skills or lack thereof. Always a blessing to join all you HIM in the gloom.




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