No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem

Date: 6/7/2017

Location: Turbo Tuesday

QIC: Venus

Pax: Bob the Builder, Zuckerberg, Flounder, Tank, Swiffer, Aquafresh (F3 Charlotte Metro)

Gorgeous June morning at Wrightsville Beach. Some clouds in the air but nothing we can’t handle. Lets do this…

Warm up: Slow mosey to the beginning of Stone Street.


Crabwalk from the dunes to the shore.

The Thang:

Resistance training in the ocean. Knee deep in the ocean run to Johnny Mercer Pier. Touch the pier.

When there, Mary while we wait on the 6 (75 flutter kicks)

Run all the way to Crystal Pier on the shore line. Touch the Pier.

Run back to Stone street.

We even had time for a quick dip in the ocean before COT.

A little over 4 miles in the sand and ocean. Not bad!


Thanks for allowing us to get out of bed and make ourselves better.

Thanks for the gift of F3

Everyone did great! Our toes and feet were not quite used to the shells and sand yet but we will get there.

Goodjob Swiffer. You looked great for your first run day!

Flounder…did I see you body surf a wave in the middle of the run?!?!?!

Tank – you were just getting your stride at the 3.5 mile marker, your an animal.

Zuck – how was the big STEAK feeling! You still killed it.

BTB – Hope your feet hold out for your GROWRUCK in NOLA! Your going to dominate it!

Aquafresh – you said on Monday you were going to go to UNCW, glad you joined us instead. on VACAY! Well done!

Thanks for the opportunity gents.

Until next time…




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