Over and Under

Date: 06/06/2017

AO: Screaming Eagle

QIC: Johnny Gage

The Pax: 8-Penny, EPO, Hoff, Beretta, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Wannabe,Trolly Stop, Flamer, Foxtrot, Redline.

10 men joined YHC on a hot and humid summer morning for a run that would take the pax over and under Snow Cut Bridge, twice.

No burpees-no Side Straddle Hops-no Merkins….just RUN!!!!

Warm up:

Run down river road to the bridge

The Thang:

Ascend the bridge from mainland side, sprint down Access Road, recover on Spencer Farlow, sprint down Bridge Barrier Road, ascend the bridge from beach side. Rinse Repeat.

4.88 miles covered  in 42 minutes; hills and sprints completed in that 42 minutes-strong work, men!


Yes, Hoff was shirtless.

EPO-one word…. motivated!

Wannabe and Foxtrot- way to get after it today. RESPECT!

Redline- great seeing you on the south-side.

Beretta- way to push out that last mile

Trolly Stop- Silent, but deadly. Fast and strong!

Flamer- Getting stronger by the day- keep posting/pushing yourself.

Sir-Mix- sorry for not including you in our IRONMAN training. Glad to have you on board!

8-Penny-You must have ran track in college, I’m sure of it….strong work!


Preacher Man has Screaming Eagle VQ Wednesday.







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