…And Run We Shall

DATE ; 6/6/17

QIC: Parrothead

PAX: Busted Grill, Cross, Tiny Dancer, Fire Marshal Bill, LETC, Hoveround

The Thang: YHC was informed late last night that he had the Q today, so his imagination was lacking on such short notice.  Today’s workout was simple.  Run.  That’s all.  Nothing fancy.  Run for 40 minutes, and meet back up at the AO.

Mary: We were out of time (and I was out of energy), so there was no Mary.

As today was the anniversary of D Day, it is especially poignant that we remember those who fought that great battle all of those years ago.  Those brave men weren’t called the Greatest Generation for nothing.  Heroes, each and every one of them.

Thanks for pushing me LETC, at least for the first 3 miles.  YHC completed 4.67 miles this morning.
Good to see Hoveround and Busted Grill still out there, putting to shame men half their age. And Fire Marshal Bill, running with them as motivation.
Tiny Dancer and Cross were behind LETC and I for the first three miles.  Fortunately they took another path at that point, or they would have blown by me at the end, as my pace dropped off dramatically.

Once again, always a pleasure to lead.


One thought on “…And Run We Shall

  1. letcf3 says:

    Enjoyed this morning very much Parrot Head. Loved the fellowship with you on the run and with FMB on his ride to work. The run was not bad either. Way to push.



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