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Pax- Dino, Venus, The Hoff, BobtheBuilder, Ugly Stik, EPO, Trump, and Niles

Brief F3CapeFear History and Minutes from June 1, 2017 Advisory Council Meeting

We have had so many new pax join us over the last 6 months, YHC (your humble correspondent) thought it might be a good idea to give a little more info on how this free workout thing started and how works.

Check to see how F3 started in Charlotte on 1-1-11 or buy the book Freed to Lead.  It is relevant, but for this exercise we are focusing just on Wilmington.

Some pax from Raleigh were compelled to give it away, so on Saturday, June 14, 2014 several of them loaded up a clown car and planted a flag at Hugh MacRae.  F3Wilmington was born.  They drove down every Saturday for the next 4 weeks to help get us off of the ground.  What a gift!  YHC was not an OG (originals) but joined July 14, 2013 when the pax had already created 6 workouts per week.  Gobo, Last, and EPO are some of the OGs (sorry on the ones missed).  That first year we had about 30 pax who were hard core, but we had trouble growing beyond that.  We were pretty much on our own with little direction from Charlotte or Raleigh.  We all knew we had found something special and were frustrated we were not doing a better job of giving it away.  F3Wilmington was struggling.  Then it happened.

First the HateHates (20 somethings) found us.  They brought new energy and optimism to the group.  Then Niles, Trump, and YHC met and prayed over F3Wilmington.  We asked God to use us to reach more men, and to help us make an impact.  Boom! It happened just like that.  A couple of weeks later, OBT (Co-founder of F3nation), called me.   He shared best practices on starting an Advisory Council, opening new AOs, and having a Grow School.

August 4, 2016 the Advisory Council met for the first time.  We established some roles and expectations.  We planned a new marketing campaign focused on re-branding to F3CapeFear.  We planned new workouts for Ogden park and Veterans park.  And we set August 20 for the Grow School and the launch of our new plans.  The rest as they say is history.  You should know that each and every role is volunteer.  Everyone who is leading is doing it because F3 has made an impact in their lives, and they feel obligated to pass it on.  The more you give it away, the more of an impact it has on you personally.  It is a strange and beautiful thing in how that happens.

Your Current Leadership Team- (Many would like to take on new roles or find an assistant.  Where do you fit in?)

Nant’an – LETC (chief delegator),

Weaselshaker – The Hoff (marketing and motivational guru)

1st F Q- EPO (coaches and supports the Master Qs.  Develop more Master Qs and workouts)

2nd F Q- BobtheBuilder (lead and develop fellowship and social initiatives)

3rd F Q- Niles – (lead and develop faith and inspirational opportunities.)

IT Q- The Ratt- (started and runs website.  Helps with anything techie.)

Comz Q- Trump- (newsletter and follow up emails with FNGs to get them plugged in.)

Counting Q- Ugly Stik-  (unfair to say all he does is count.  This pax seems to plug in wherever we need him from week to week.)

Connections Q- Venus- (connecting with new pax to help them feel connected sooner).

F3Dads Q- FireMarshall Bill (planning 2.0 workouts)

F3Foundation President and Charity Q- Donut-  (plugs us in to volunteer opportunities).

F3Foundation Treasurer- Dino- (keeper of the donations)

BRR Q- Heisenberg (making Blue Ridge Relay team happen)

We also have several pax who are Master Qs-  A Master Q assumes ownership of a particular workout.  He makes sure a preblast is done, a backblast is done.  He schedules Qs to lead the workouts.  He helps new Qs.  The success or failure of the workout is on his shoulders.

Notes from June 1 meeting-

Need to confirm that The Ratt is forwarding new contact info to Trump and Venus.  A way to automate that?

Venus and Trump setting up a google doc to capture a running log of FNGs.  Better follow-up

Host Q school for Friday June 16.  LETC leading Q school while Last takes veterans.

Greenville is hosting Sasquatch event July 29.  We need to gather clown cars and have a good showing in support of our Northern brothers.

Brolympics committee forming.  Venus, The Hoff, and Niles.  Date will be Oct 7, 2017.  Band scheduled. Better with Bourbon.  Talk of charities to PapaSmurf, Dip Stick, and F3CapeFear Foundation.  $20 entry  Committee to make details happen.

More workouts, social times, and charity stuff coming.

Ended in a powerful Ball of Man.  An honor to call these men friends and brothers.

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of F3CapeFear.  Thanks for the opportunity.  The Best is Yet to Be.

LETC out.




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