Coastal Surge – HMP

Date: 2 June 2017

QIC: Sir-Mix and Minecraft

Number of PAX: 39

Pax: Ball Bearing, Double Check, Tom Sawyer, Bath Salts, Overbite, The Hoff, Wreck-it-Ralph, Busted Grill, Gobo, Heat Pump, Tiny Dancer, Mr. Kotter, Sulfur Toe, Dino, 8 Penny, BtB, Dr Doolittle, Ugly Stik, Captain Stubing, Tank, Venus, Haavad, Trump, Zuckerburg,  Sparky, Parrot Head, LETC, Hoveround, Gravity, All About That Base, Lazarus, Red Rock, Dixie Chick, EPO, Swiffer, Gappeto and Mayhem

Warmup – Side Straddle Hop x 30 IC, Hillbilly x 20 IC and Mountain Climber x 30 IC.

The Thangs – Pax counts off by 2.  One’s go to Goose Poop Pond with Sir-Mix.  Two’s go with Minecraft to parking lot by tennis courts.

Goose Poop Pond – Sir-Mix

Mosey over to Goose Poop pond, and form up into a single file line.
Count off by one’s and two’s and group up with your team. Once everyone is with the correct team pick team captains and mosey around to course and pick up the team’s log.
Each team needs to complete the 5 excesses clearly labeled with their log in hand. The exercises consist of,
30 X Flutter kicks “single count”
20 X Squats
20 X Wall Jumps
10 X Pullups
Once every member of the team has completed the exercises the team captain then blows the air horn signaling that their team has finished, and they are the winner.
Seems too easy right?…So what’s the catch?
The catch is, at no time can the log touch the ground. No matter what, the log must remain off the ground until the air horn has been blown. If the log ever touches the ground, the team must return to the previous station and pick up where they left off.
Once the first evolution is completed, pick two new team captains and start again in reverse.
Strong work by everyone this morning, everyone stepped up and worked together as a team.
Dino- What can I say …. Attention to detail brother lol…


Parking Lot – Minecraft

Partner up

1.  Partner 1 does 20 wall hops while partner 2 does flutter kicks.  Flap Jack.  Repeat 3 times.

2.  Partner 1 does lunge walk across parking lot while partner 2 does low plank.  Flap Jack.  Repeat 3 times.

3.  Partner 1 does bear crawl across parking lot while partner 2 does LBCs.  Flap Jack.

Mary – Freddie Mercury x 20 IC, Alphabet.  Mosey to recover Goose Poop Pond Pax.

Moleskin – Cause ILM was onsite for the Coastal Surge beatdown.  Cause ILM is a new media venue in Wilmington dedicated to positive, life-affirming video stories.  Thanks to Kimberly and Jeff for being with us in the gloom to video F3 Cape Fear.  (

Q School – there will be Q school in two weeks on Friday 16 June.  The school will teach you everything you need to know about leading a workout.

Papa Smurf Scholarship Fund – F3 Cape Fear will be making a $420 donation to the scholarship fund at ECU in honor of Papa Smurf.

There is a 4 mile bridge to bridge race  this evening to benefit CFCC.

Thank you LETC for ending the workout with prayer.


Sir-Mix and I had a blast leading the Coastal Surge beatdown today.






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