Monsters Meet DORA

QIC: Ugly Stik

Date: 5-31-17

# of PAX: 16

PAX: Geppetto, LETC, Gobo, Etch-A-Sketch, Ball Bearing, Heat Pump, Flounder, Tank, Venus, Swiffer, Sparky, Dr. Doolittle, BTB, Lazarus, EOM


25 Seal Claps IC
25 Cotton Picker IC
25 Copperhead Squats IC

The Thang:

Carterico Indian Run towards parking lot entrance and hang a left back towards Gordan Road and run loop back to the play ground.

Once we arrive partner up for DORA 1-2-3

DORA 1-2-3

100 Wooly Worms on Swing Set
200 Dips
300 Inverted Mountain Climbers on Bench

While Partner two runs to end of parking lot and back.

A few rounds of Mary while waiting on the 6. Box Cutters, Reverse Box Cutters, Flutter Kicks, Merkins.

Now let’s Mosey to the bleachers!

10 Burpees then run the bleachers
20 Merkins then run the bleachers
30 V-Ups then run the bleachers
3 Rounds Total for 30-60-90 Reps

If you get lapped stop and do 5 Merkins.

If you finish early partner up with another PAX and help them finish the circuit.

Hold low plank for a 10 count, followed immediately with a 20 count, then 30, then BTB took us out with a 40 count. No rest between sets.

EOM joined my to lead out the rest of the workout. We did 20 Sidewalk Surfers then headed back to the flag where he helped me lead COT. Then took us on in prayer.


EOM, thank you for stepping up and helping me lead COT! I know you’re ready to Q, just pick a day!

Lazarus, glad to see you back out! F3 Cape Fear needs you as our professional spiritual counselor! Strong work today!

Prayers for PAX, family’s and to be better men in the community.

As always, it is an honor to lead this group of #HIM!

Ugly Stik, Out!



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