Turbo Tuesday = STORMS

DATE: 5/30/17

QIC: Bob the Builder

# of PAX: 3

PAX: Zuckerburg, Flounder


  • SSH x 25 IC


  • Well it was storming for the second consecutive Tuesaday, so we made our way to shelter at WUMC to start on Deck of Cards in hopes that the lightning would stop!
  • Diamonds: v-ups
  • Clubs: mountain climber merkins
  • Spades: side plank dips
  • Hearts: suicides
  • We got through about 15 or so cards and the weather cleared up just enough for us to venture out and run the loop!
  • 2.5 miles at a 7:00 pace! Strong work Flounder and Zuck!


  • Once again we had to take cover with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. Eventually we are going to get a clear Tuesday morning again!
  • Strong work Flounder and Zuck! Flounder wanted to run the first mile under 7:00, so we pushed it right to 6:45 and then we kept mile 2 at 7:30, just as he requested again! Way to go. We ended with a 7:03 pace which you should be proud of!

Thanks for not making me run suicides in the parking lot alone! See you tomorrow!



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