Freedom isn’t Free

Date: 5/29/17

QIC: Gepetto

# of PAX: 26

PAX: 8penny, eom, morpheus, surfnturf, blue crush, Milton, Epo, last, die hard, Gobo, tiny dancer, haavard, Kenny G, double check, Gepetto (Raleigh), Minecraft, letc, sir mix a lot, fire marshall Bill, overbite, Heisenberg, goofy, dino, FNG Sawyer Simpson


Moment of remembrance under the flag

10 merkins

10 mtn climbers

10 mtn climber merkins

Two lines
Indian run to beach
flags up front

Pit stop for squats, flag down= 10 burpees OYO
Flags at the dunes, body’s in the surf
With your partner, perform
100 squats
10 V-ups at flags

100 surfees
10 monkey humpers at flags

100 Freddy Mercurys
10 four-count mtn climbers at flags

Protractor with Dino upon completion
Two lines, flags up front

We let the FNG slip away but he claims he’ll be back- we need to help him along in these early days and make sure he doesn’t quit again. Ever.


Strong work, men that completed the Murph prior to posting for the convergence

Wise words from Goofy (US Navy Seal) with the flag from Fallujah!!!!

Prayers for:

Remington Peters, declared dead at hospital after Leapfrog training parachute accident 5/28/17

Charli Keating died last may in service to his country

All the men and women and their families, especially ones who have paid the ultimate price, that allow us to live in the best Nation on the planet, the land of opportunity, where even the less fortunate can enjoy luxuries royalty could never have even dreamed of centuries ago.

And for all the holiday travelers.




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